So long – The Swiss Notes User Group (SNoUG) says goodbye

Founded in May 1993, the Swiss Notes User Group was one of the oldest user groups focused on the Notes, Domino, Sametime and Connection products. It is with a heavy heart that we are now shutting down the association with all its related activities. We would like to invite you, our members, to a last beer after the summer holidays to reminisce and say goodbye.

How did we reach this decision?

Our yearly event was the centerpiece of the user group. Meeting the makers and shakers of the local market, exchanging experiences, to be informed about news and trends, maintaining contacts – SNoUG events were a meeting point for users, business partners and manufacturers. In recent years, however, interest in our events gradually but steadily declined. Fewer and fewer participants came to our annual conferences, and tellingly, the proportion of customers declined strongly. The COVID pandemic was the final nail in the coffin – and we have noticed a general decline in the attractivity of ‘in real life’ events, not just SNoUG. This is a shame as there is more activity nowadays in SNoUG-relevant products than there has been for years since the takeover by HCL.

In view of the already existing online options, we did not consider building up an online event as an alternative, not least because of the costs involved. In the absence of a real perspective, we have therefore decided to dissolve the SNoUG association.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who have made our SNoUG possible and supported it over so many years. Special thanks go of course to IBM and HCL, both have always generously supported SNoUG as sponsors. We would also like to thank the numerous business partners from Germany and abroad who have enriched our events with their active participation. Finally, we would also like to thank the many speakers who have repeatedly come to our events and shared their profound knowledge with us in their presentations.

What can SNoUG members do now?

We did not want to leave our members out in the cold and have sought contact with our German sister organization, DNUG and reached what we think is an interesting agreement:

Every SNoUG member can be a DNUG member free of charge until the end of 2023 and thus benefit from DNUG’s wide range of services at attractive conditions.

Simply register on the following page and mention *SNoUG Mitglied* under *Besonderheiten bei der Rechnungsstellung*:

Become a DNUG member

If you do not know DNUG, you are welcome to subscribe to the free monthly newsletter, which is currently sent to about 1,000 recipients:

Subscribe to DNUG newsletter

We would also like to draw your attention to the upcoming conference in Konstanz, for which the early bird discount is still available until April 15. If you are quick, you can participate, as a current SNoUG-member, to this 2-day event for 75 EUR:

#dachnug49 in Konstanz

Goodbye beer

We don’t want to quietly disappear from the scene. The location is not yet decided, but we will invite you to a “last beer” after the summer vacations where we can once again chat about the good old days and the products and solutions that have accompanied us over so many years.