Host your migrated Domino Data in Switzerland at

LDC Via is a dream destination for your Domino data. If you are looking to decommission your Domino infrastructure, LDC Via offers you a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution for hosting your migrated Domino data. Once the data are transferred, they are available using the very modern REST interface which all modern Web applications (including native mobile applications) can easily access.

Certain Swiss customers (such as local governments) are not allowed to host their data outside of Switzerland.

For these customers, and those of you who wish to avoid any interaction with US companies because of legal concerns, we have set up a Swiss instance of LDC Via, which is immediately available under

I invite you to start exploring the service! Please contact me at or +41 79 831 83 13 if you have questions about the service.

The pricing for the Swiss service follows the tiers defined at

Category monthly price
Basic Free
Standard 400 CHF per month
Pro 1’000 CHF per month
Enterprise 2’000 CHF per month

all prices excluding VAT.

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